Banff Wilderness Photography Workshop

Program dates: September 21, 2012 - September 24, 2012

Application deadline: August 13, 2012

Program Faculty


Gordon Wiltsie

Gordon Wiltsie is a photographer, writer, mountaineer, and explorer whose work has taken him to some of earth’s wildest and remotest regions, including numerous journeys to the Himalaya, the Andes, the Arctic, Antarctica and both geographic poles. He is widely considered to be one of the world’s most creative and prolific expedition photographers and his work appears regularly in such international publications as National Geographic, Life, Outside, Outdoor Photographer and numerous others. Wilderness, nature, and the environment have always been key components of his multi-faceted work.

Wiltsie is the principal photographer for three books, and his images appear regularly in calendars, posters, advertising, and many other formats. He has been a leading character in several documentary films, and solo exhibits of his work have been featured at Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, France; MountainFilm in Telluride, Colorado; The Banff Centre; and many other venues. Wiltsie's most recent book is To the Ends of the Earth, published by W.W.Norton & Company.

Wiltsie, who was already an experienced climber and wilderness traveler in high school, began publishing his photography in national magazines while he was still in college in 1974. Since then he has combined a unique collection of skills to lead and/or photograph more than 100 expeditions to distant wilderness locations. These have varied from early, self-organized treks into the Himalaya, to treks and climbs in both the Himalaya and Antarctic interior, to full-scale polar expeditions accompanied by some of the world’s most talented athletes. En route he has photographed some of the most spectacular environments on earth, framing them in ways that are uniquely his own. He is very excited to be returning to Banff, one of his all-time favourite places. 

When not traveling on distant assignments he lives in Bozeman, Montana, with his wife Meredith and two sons.




John Burcham

John Burcham's photography career started at his college newspaper while he was earning his degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech. His passion for adventure sports led him to a successful photographic career in the outdoor industry. Companies such as Patagonia and Mountain Hardware have sent him to the most inhospitable and seldom visited landscapes to capture moments in exploration and adventure.

 “I want to be challenged, and I’m not afraid of a little manual labour,” says the Arizona-based photographer. In Burcham’s photographic niche, he often gets his wish. Whether it is schlepping in the Arctic’s sub-zero temperatures or fleshing out the photographic details in the midst of grinding chainsaws and falling trees, Burcham meshes a photojournalist sense of story with a studio photographer’s obsession for detail.

Many major clients including National Geographic, The New York Times, Popular Mechanics, The History Channel, and American Airlines have used him for assignment work. 

Burcham lives in Flagstaff with his wife and daughter.




Above photo: Photo © Gordon Wiltsie

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